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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Krishnam Raju clarifies about Prabhas’s marriage

Prabhas is all gearing up for the shoot of Baahubali 2, and he wants to put his best foot forward for the film. So many thought it will be some more wait for the  actor's marriage. But here comes the good news and Prabhas going to get married this year.

The news has been confirmed by the actor's uncle and Rebel star Krishnam Raju. He said that in 2016 Prabhas is going to wed for sure. The actor spoke to media today and threw some light on Prabhas' marriage.

The legendray actor revealed that Prabhas has promised his family this Sankranthi, that he will surely tie the knot post Baahubali 2. Krishnam Raju also revealed that they are currently in search of a girl and if everything goes well, the marriage will happen this year itself.

Sometime ago, gossipmongers have circulated rumors on Krishnam Raju found a suitable girl for Prabhas in Bhimavaram but the joy was only short lived. This time Krishnam Raju again spoke some interesting lines. ‘Yes, Prabhas promised me on marriage during the Sankranthi festive get together time. I don’t know whether it’s going to be love marriage or arranged marriage. I left the choice to Prabhas,’ as said by Krishnam Raju.

Krishnam Raju said, "Prabhas has been postponing his wedding for long now. When we asked him two years ago he said it will be after Baahubali. I took a promise from him during Sankranti. Prabhas promised at any cost he will marry in 2016. We are yet to finalise the bride and currently our family is busy looking for a suitable bride for him"

If such is the case, definitely Prabhas has some one in his mind. A diffident looking Prabhas if choices on love marriage… that’s a surprise for all of us. Young girls, get ready to see your hearts broken.

Krishnam Rajualso said that it will be love cum arranged marriage for Prabhas.He  also announced that Prabhas will be playing the lead role in his home production Gopi Krishna movies next project and it will be a pure romantic movie.



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