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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Nagarjuna Calls Prabhas on MEK!

It’s not that Prabhas is going to be a special participant to sit on hot seat opposite King Nagarjuna in ‘Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu 3’ (MEK 3) show. This was a sweet and shocking surprise Nag gave to one of the contestant’s on show named Amarnath when he expressed the admiration to Prabhas. Having won Rs.50 Lakhs bounty and becoming the first participant to see 1 Crore question on screen, Amarnath and his wife were truly amazing.

To keep their amazement further high, Nagarjuna immediately called Prabhas on phone and gave the chance for Amarnath to speak. Though, it was a formal chat lasted for few seconds… that is more than enough for Amarnath. What more there can be a topic to discuss, yes its ‘Bahubali’ and Prabhas is floored by his Fan’s appreciation.

Rectifying the loopholes and reasons behind fall of TRPs in ‘MEK 2,’ this time Nagarjuna is hosting ‘MEK 3’ much more arrestingly and of course, the number of contestants winning the decent amounts has also increased. Additionally, these surprise calls to celebrities are the extra charm to pull more TRPs.


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