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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Baahubali 2 overtakes the first part in just 11 days

The Baahubali storm has not subsided yet and the film’s box-office collections are hardly seeing any drops in almost all the areas. 

In its 10 day glorious theatrical run so far, Baahubali The Conclusion has overtaken several box-office records including the records set by its predecessor, The Beginning. 

In a staggering feat, Baahubali The Conclusion has wiped out the previous highest collection of 43 crore share in the Nizam region set by The Beginning in just 11 days. 

Until Sunday, Baahubali has collected a whopping 44.90 crore share in Nizam and the full run collections in this area will take several years to be surpassed.

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