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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prabhas at Hello Premistara Audio Launch (09/08/2007)

Music of Sairam Shankar’s film ‘Hello Premistara’ was launched at function held in Hotel Marriot in Hyderabad. This function was attended by Prabhas,NTR, Ravi Teja, Srikanth, Sairam Shankar, Puri Jagan, Dil Raju, Sheila, Raj Kumar, Chakri, KS Rama Rao, Kandikonda, MS Bharani, Raju Harwani and Rajasimha.

NTR launched the audiocassette and gave the first unit to Ravi Teja. Prabhas launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to Srikanth.


hellopremistara-01_t hellopremistara-02_t hellopremistara-03_t
hellopremistara-04_t hellopremistara-05_t hellopremistara-06_t
hellopremistara-07_t hellopremistara-08_t hellopremistara-09_t
hellopremistara-10_t hellopremistara-11_t hellopremistara-12_t
hellopremistara-13_t hellopremistara-14_t hellopremistara-15_t
hellopremistara-16_t hellopremistara-17_t hellopremistara-18_t
hellopremistara-19_t hellopremistara-20_t hellopremistara-21_t
hellopremistara-22_t hellopremistara-23_t hellopremistara-24_t
hellopremistara-25_t hellopremistara-26_t hellopremistara-27_t
hellopremistara-28_t hellopremistara-29_t hellopremistara-30_t
hellopremistara-31_t hellopremistara-32_t hellopremistara-33_t
hellopremistara-34_t hellopremistara-35_t hellopremistara-36_t
hellopremistara-37_t hellopremistara-38_t hellopremistara-39_t
hellopremistara-40_t hellopremistara-41_t hellopremistara-42_t
hellopremistara-43_t hellopremistara-44_t hellopremistara-45_t
hellopremistara-46_t hellopremistara-47_t hellopremistara-48_t
hellopremistara-49_t hellopremistara-50_t hellopremistara-51_t
hellopremistara-52_t hellopremistara-53_t hellopremistara-54_t
hellopremistara-55_t hellopremistara-56_t hellopremistara-57_t
hellopremistara-58_t hellopremistara-59_t hellopremistara-60_t
hellopremistara-61_t hellopremistara-62_t



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