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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mr.Perfect in Top 10 All Time Tollywood Hits

Mr.Perfect which has already collected 26 Crores worldwide in just 5 Weeks is expected to finish at, atleast 27Cr+ in full run. There by entering All Time Tollywood Top 10 ( on Collections ).

Magadheera, Robo, Pokiri, Arundhati & Simha are the all time top 5 films which collected ranging from 31Cr - 70Cr. Brindavanam will come at 6, since it is the only other film with a 30Cr+ share. Now, Mr.Perfect will join Indra, Yamadonga & Jalsa which collected ranging from 27 - 29Crs in their full run worldwide. These 4 films will take the positions from 7 - 10 in the All Time Tollywood Top 10.

With this, Prabhas joins the big league of Stars in Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, Bala Krishna, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, NTR Jr ( 2 films ) & Ram Charan Tej with atleast a film in All Time Tollywood Top 10.

All Time Tollywood Top 10 Films ( on Collections )

1. Magadheera

2. Robo

3. Pokiri

4. Arundhati

5. Simha

6. Brindavanam

7 - 9. Indra, Yamadonga & Jalsa ( all 3 films collected almost the same

10. Mr.Perfect

What a way to go! Congrats Darling. We wish you more success.


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  1. The film was a one time watch Prabhas luks nice But y always the gurl runs for him in all his movies. for more movie news at

  2. Maybe, but a couple of films not worth even a single watch are in the list. It all depends on the audience. Secondly, it's Prabhas and hence it's no wonder that it's the girl that chases him, but not always - eeshwar, varsham, billa, ek niranjan, darling all had him go after the girl.

  3. eee cinema family sentiments unnavalaki nachindi hit.But to mass and youth its utterflop


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