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Friday, May 27, 2011

Taapsee speaks about this blogpost on her Twitpic

Check out this video of Taapsee interview in a TV Channel. Watch this video from 12:35 to find out her reaction to this blogpost on her Twitpic which appeared on 20/08/2010. You can check out the my post once again before going to the video.

Taapsee with Prabhas


Well, Taapsee, past is past and no hard feelings though we still can't digest that picture. I hope alteast hereafter you'll be careful about what you post on public forums and not hurt fans.

A few clarifications though:

We aren't naive to not distinguish a shooting still from one that's not. Probably you tried to play your role in the film offscreen as well.

It wasn't because you were a new heroine. Our reaction would have been the same even if it was anyone else.

Well, i have a few good things to say as well.

You have started learning Telugu, dubbed in your voice for Mr.Perfect and even try to speak in Telugu. That's great as i don't find many non telugu heroines doing that(except Tamanna i guess).

Congrats for Aadukalam, your debut film in Tamil for bagging many National Awards. Though you didn't win any, you had given a good performance.

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