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Monday, June 29, 2015

Baahubali Poster Sets a New Record!

As we come closer to the release date of the magnum opus Baahubali, the team is constantly catering to the audience with exciting elements and is making their wait an interesting one. The new addition to the list of Baahubali records is that, the team has made the WORLD'S LARGEST POSTER and it has entered the Guinness book of world records too. 

The poster was unveiled in Kochi during its Malayalam audio launch event on June 27th. The event was organized by Global United Media who are the Kerala distributors for the film. The previous record in this category was a poster of 50687.25 sq ft surface area and Baahubali has challenged this record with a poster of 51961.32 sq ft surface area.

The Executive Producer of Global United Media, Mr.Vivek Thomas, says, "I am glad that we were able to successfully complete this task amidst the thunderstorm and wagging monsoon in Kerala. We would be releasing the making video of this LARGEST POSTER soon, may be by 4th of July". 


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