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Monday, June 08, 2015

Baahubali: A Tale of Courage and Determination

S.S. Rajamouli’s Magnum opus Baahubali, upcoming mythological epic drama starring Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati and Tamanaha Bhatia in lead role proved to be one of the most iconic cinemas of the country. Frankly speaking contemporary Indian audiences had never seen this kind of melodrama till now. It will be completely a new journey for the actors as well as for the audience. 

Baahubali which is a bi-lingual feature film releasing in both Telugu and Tamil languages counted as one of the most anticipated movie of the year. The trends of bi-lingual movies are very popular in Southern region; at least veteran actor Mohan Raman thinks so. “A unique feature about South Indian films is that most of the actors and technicians are work in all four languages. Our Satyaraj and Naseer (character-artists) are part of Baahubali, making film identifiable with the Tamil audience. At a time when global market is open to us, why rely on the Tamil Nadu market alone to make big films?” The veteran actor emphasized and asked the question. 

Actor and film historian Mohan Ram also considers mythological films are always open to Tamil Nadu and Tamil audiences. Regarding this matter he says, “The dubbed version of Mahabharata on TV is still popular. So it’s clear that mythological subjects have a strong market. After the era of mythological films in the 1950, there were still directors such as A.P. Nagarajan and K.Shankar who proved that such films worked. By factoring in certain changes to suit a large market, these films can work even today”. 

While producer Hitesh feels epic films in Bollywood touchws the standard of Hollywood and Rajamouli has finally been able to do so. He says, “Gone are the days of MGR and Sivaji when the audience would believe everything given to them as being the best. Technology has made it possible for us to watch foreign and Hollywood films in minutes. If one makes an expensive film and it looks tacky or unreal, then it won’t work. Even with our limited budget, we are expected to compete with Hollywood.” 

However, Baahubali is kind of historical melodrama which will take Indian cinema to next level. The producer further spoke about the upcoming larger-than-life drama and said, “Every time a film such as Baahubali gets made, it became trend-setter. Other directors from the take note of the technological possibilities and it pushes the envelope for all of us. Such a film also bring to India several experienced foreign technicians who invariably employ Indian assistants. In course of time, there is technology transfer which allows us to attempt films of similar scale with our own people. That’s why we need Baahubali.” 

It is a dream project and producer believes it very important for his Production Company and directors also. About the producer Thenappan speak, “People often credit just the directors when such films get made. But it is also every producer’s dream to make a film that will be remembered for generations”. 

Contrary to what one perceives, these films aren’t just dream projects of directors alone. “People often credit just the director when such films get made. But it is also every producer’s dream to make a film that will be remembered for generations,” says producer Thenappan. 

Reportedly, director Rajamouli says about making Baahubali, “I began my career as an office boy. Cinema has given me everything. And it is by making films like Baahubali happen that I feel I’m giving something back to cinema”. 

The film is slated to release this July and its Hindi version will released simultaneously with its Tamil and Telugu version in whole nation. Its Hindi version is being produced by prominent Bollywood director Karan Johar.  

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