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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Waterfall sequence was shot in 109 days!

In 'Bahubali' there's a pivotal scene involving waterfall in the film. Director S S Rajamouli shot this particular waterfall sequence for 109 days and at three different locations. Surprising fact is that, the total time that took to shoot this particular sequence was almost equal to 1/3rd of the total shooting time of the film. 

The ace filmmaker was personally involved in the recce of the place since he wanted the perfect location for the waterfall. Reason being that it was one of the most important sequences of the film. As per our sources, the waterfall is almost a character in the film. It is pivotal to the role of the lead actor Prabhas life in the film. It is there from his childhood days till he grows. 

'Bahubali' is the first ever Indian film that transcends regional boundaries and has a pan-India appeal. Presented by Karan Johar, Baahubali is set to release on 10th July.


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