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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Deccan Chronicle : All about Prabhas

A Exclusive personal interview of Prabhas to Deccan Chronicle.

Self-confessed ‘crazy guy’ and media recluse Prabhas opens up in an exclusive chat with Deccan Chronicle 

Everyone is talking about Prabhas these days thanks to the hype surrounding his upcoming film Baahubali. But even his fans don’t know much about him thanks to his reclusive ways. But not anymore. In a chat with DC, the actor talks about his life, his family and his love for films… Prabhas Raju Uppalapati, who was born to Suryanarayana and Shiva Kumari, is a qualified engineer and while he wanted to become a businessman, “destiny” made him an actor. 

Inspired by Deewar 

“My father was a producer while my uncle was an actor. But I never wanted to become an actor,” says Prabhas, adding, “I was very shy. Many producers and directors had offered me roles when I was studying in Class IX and Class X, but I told my father that I was not keen on acting. “I always wanted to do some business… and definitely not a 9-5 job. But one fine day, I went up to my dad and told him that I would like to become an actor. I had joined Shri Satyanand acting classes in Vizag. I was actually inspired after watching Deewar,” he says. “My dad told me to meet director Jayanth, who was looking for fresh faces, but I declined his offer stating that I needed more time to prepare myself to be able to face the camera. I started my filmy career with Eshwar. My favourite film is Billa,” he says. 

Missing his father 

Prabhas wishes that his father was alive to see his upcoming film. “I feel very sad that my father is no more. I wanted him to come over to the sets and watch how his son worked. Unfortunately, he is not here to watch my film… I hope that from somewhere in the heavens he watches my film. My mother is a simple woman. I live with her. When I broke my shoulder while shooting Baahubali, she was worried, especially when I decided to resume shooting after two months. But I consoled her by saying that it wasn’t serious,” says the actor.

‘I was a crazy guy’ 

“Before I joined the industry I was very different. I was quite mad and very aggressive. However, I have calmed down now,” he says, adding that he doesn’t let his temper get the better of him these days. “I am like any other common man. I am a much grounded person,” he says, adding, “Maybe I have inherited this from my simple parents who inculcated ethical values in me. I do not like to hurt anyone… So in real I do not feel like a hero.” 

Still single 

Incredulously, the handsome actor says that he is still single. “I am not dating anyone. Also we were busy shooting for Baahubali for more than 300 days so we could not find any time for relationships. We would eat and sleep on the sets. And Rajamouli would start yelling at 5 am sharp to get us ready for the shoot,” he adds. And most of his friends are from outside the industry. “All of them are my school friends, though some of them are in films,” he says, adding, “Four of my friends have accompanied me to Mumbai where I have come to promote Baahubali.” 

An SRK fan 

About his favourite Bollywood stars, he says, “Shah Rukh Khan has been my favourite actor ever since I have been watching Hindi films. He has a lot of positive energy. I liked DDLJ. Surprisingly I had never liked Salman’s films at all. But after watching him in Dabangg, he became my favorite actor. And now I look out for his films. I really felt he was a super hero after I watched Dabangg.” Asked how he takes his comparisons with Rajnikant, Prabhas says, “No one has told me that. But if you say so I can only say that this is too huge a compliment, I really do not deserve it.” 

Working on Hindi 

“I want to learn Hindi very well,” he says. “I know the basics, and this time, while talking to some Hindi channels I decided that the next time I will be well versed in Hindi.” Perhaps he is readying for a Bollywood innings now?

Credits : Deccan Chronicle


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