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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nassar's Interview in Vikatan Tamil Magazine

Excerpts from Nasser's Interview to the iconic Tamil magazine 'Vikatan'

Baahubali must have been been the biggest film in your career. How is that experience?

Though i have acted in many big films, Baahubali is an experience i can never forget.I have always liked to act in historical films like 'Imsai Arasan', 'Uthama Villain' to name a few. I acted in Baahubali with that extra cheerfulness. Though the shooting went on for months i did not feel any tiredness or exhaustion. Everyday it would be like entering a big factory. Such was the magnificience.

As the movie was made in both Tamil and Telugu, many humourous things happened in the sets. When the shoot was in Telugu, Prabhas and Rana would perform superbly while myself and Sathyaraj would struggle. The reverse would happen when the shoot was in Tamil.

What's so magnificient about Baahubali?

The magnificience of a movie is not just in it's sets or props. It's in the human emotions expressed after absorbing the nature of a character. Baahubali will not just have great visuals but the same splendidness will be there emotionally too.


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