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Friday, July 10, 2015

Baahubali Movie Review - A spectacular masterpiece ( IndiaGlitz)

Baahubali Movie Review by

What is it all about? 
S.S.Rajamouli, Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni and Karan Johar take a bow. 'Baahubali' rolls the carpet and blows the trumpet for an Indian spectacle on screen that can make the Peter Jackson's and James Cameron's of the world go jaw droopingly stunned right from first frame till the end. 

This monumental spectacular stunner by the unbeatable Rajamouli is an epic classic that will be remembered for long for its staggering battles, striking landscapes, effects, brilliant film-making arc, exceptional cinematography and masterful storytelling. 

A 'crowned' massy entertainer 'Baahubali' - the most expensive and technically ambitious film ever made in India in its first installment is set to take the championship trophy at the B.O. in south India this year and is bound to write history in the annals of film-making in India during the 21st century

Creating sky high expectations for the conclusion coming in 2016. Rajamouli with Baahubali becomes much bigger and better making all of us as an Indian proud. 

The Story 
S. S. Rajamouli, Rahul Koda, Madhan Karky and Vijayendra Prasad write a super tight screenplay without an ounce of disconnect and interest. True to the genres of epics, period war sagas. Baahubali - The making is the story of two brothers - Shivudu( Prabhas) and Rana Daggubati as Palvaalthevan (Tamil) and Bhallala Deva (Telugu and Hindi) and their fight for their kingdom, love, humanity and brotherhood. 

Without divulging much details and being cursed for giving spoilers.. Anushka Shetty (Devasena) plays the Queen and mother of Shivdu. Nassar is the father of Palvaalthevan (Tamil) and Bhallala Deva (Telugu). Tamannaah as Avantika has an important link to Baahubali and Sathyaraj as Kattappa plays the loyal warrior of the King. 

Significant highlights 
A movie that can make every Indian cinegoer proud. A true Indian film with mind, body, heart and soul Baahubali is a rarest of rarity that exploits India's untapped beauty - The Orvakal Rock Gardens in Kurnool, Athirappilly Falls and Mahableshwar to make this grandiose mix of amazing action, stunning scenery, and tasteful drama. 

Within five minutes when Anushka Shetty prays to lord to protect Baahubali amidst those stunning Athirappilly Falls.. it is crystal clear that the audience are in grand cinematic feast and masterpiece is in the making to write cinematic history. 

This highly elaborate and buoyant effort has sequences worth millions.. like Prabhas climbing of the mountain and Rana's fight with a Bull.. (this two are just small examples).. Rajamouli's credentials as story teller is well established and here he explains his showmanship to the audience. 

Such is the impact that the dub language for Hindi audience doesn,t seems to be a major barrier and there is absolutely no reason why a lover of mainstream cinema will not be awed and entertained by Baahubali. 

Production values are best that money can buy. Technically a marvel. K. K. Senthil Kumar lenses does magic throughout. The cameraman has made an eye popper that is exceptionally stunning right from the first frame to the last one. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is class. M. M. Keeravani is soothing. The cgi and special effects are fantastic. 

Performances are aces up the sleeve with Prabhas coming to his full strength and delivering a stunning performance. Rana Daggubati rises to the occasion and delivers a powerful act. Tamannaah in her action packed avatar is fantastic and looks gorgeous. Nassar is perfectly wicked as the script doctors wanted. Sathyaraj is superb. Anushka is excellent. 

Minor flaws like the haters of massy masala potboilers may ask questions about the movies exact period, the reason that makes Shivdu - a Tarzan, superman, Spiderman all in one. some over enthusiastic may want the conclusion to happen right away as the movie ends at a point when the excitement is at its peak. 

Without any iota of doubt. Rajamouli's Baahubali is Indian cinema's proud. It is almost impossible for a lover of mainstream cinema not to be in awe by this stunningly grandiose mix of action, emotion, drama and magic. Do not miss. Catch this grand spectacle playing at your nearest screen and watch how Rajamouli raises the bar of our cinema scene by scene.


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