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Friday, July 10, 2015

Praises pour in for Prabhas looks and performance in Baahubali

   As rave reviews continue to pour in for 'Baahubali-The Beginning', our darling Prabhas has been receiving lot of praises for his looks and his performance in the movie. When i started this blog in 2008, it was mainly to move Prabhas from the confines of Telugu cinema and make him known all around the world and this blog has continuously, for the past eight years been striving towards achieving this goal because Prabhas, for me is the ultimate Hero. With Baahubali he has arrived with a bang on the national arena and the media can't stop raving about Prabhas. Needless to say, i am all thrilled with this spotlight on Prabhas and wish to share what is stated about Prabhas.

Baahubali casting just perfect. Every actor shines in their respective parts. Prabhas and Rana, special mention for you both. Outstanding!
- Taran Adarsh.

Baahubali, for all I know could also become India’s first ever superhero movie as it’s protagonist has all the qualities of one!

Prabhas is terrific in a dual role and is the apt choice as Baahubali. No one except him could have done justice to the role which is larger than life and has many heroic moments. His sheer screen presence and emotional performance will be immensely loved by his fans.

Prabhas is manly as Sivudu and looks royal as Baahubali. It’s a rare opportunity for any actor to do a lead role in films like Baahubali and Prabhas does complete justice for two characters with his talent and relentless hard work.

Performances are aces up the sleeve with Prabhas coming to his full strength and delivering a stunning performance.

Just as swashbuckling are the performances by the cast. Prabhas and Rana Daggubati as the hero and anti-hero lead the charge. Their hulking demeanour and larger-than-life screen presence holds your attention. 

Prabhas shines like a diamond in S.S.Rajamouli's magnum opus 

Prabhas is perfectly cast to play the larger-than-mere mortal, super-mighty Baahubali part. When this man with rippling muscles, admirable physique and twinkling eyes, picks up an entire 'shiva linga' to move it to a better place, or tears through thousands of enemy soldiers to straight get to their 'senapati', there is not a moment of doubt that he isn't capable of doing all that and more. 

Actor Prabhas as Baahubali and Shivudu is at his best and his outstanding performance makes the audiences to salute him. His six pack body, warrior outfit, war sequences will prove his terrific histrionic talents. 

Prabhas steals the show imperially. His intro is colossal that is accompanied by deafening applause. The man suits his role every bit and his chiseled body that captures quite a few frames would surely be the envy of every man. He is good in action, emotions and romance too; a perfect combination indeed!

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